UCI DH World Cup 2013: Fort William - Pit Snaps

8 June 2013  |   |   3 Comments

It's been a busy first day at the Fort Bill World Cup! Check out a few of our highlights from our quick walk around the pits this afternoon before racing kicks off proper tommorow with more practice and seeding...

Fort William world cup

We spied this Scott Gambler running the bigger 650b wheels but look at how little clearance there is between the tyre and frame!

Fort William world cup

Steve Peat and Josh Bryceland had this interesting prototype Air shock for the weekend!

Fort William world cup

Joe Barnes and the other Dude's of Hazzard beys were at large in the pits with this sweet moped and helmet combo!

Fort William world cup

The Specialized guys are running this sweet Troy Lee Designs paint job!

Fort William world cup

Troy Brosnan and Aaron Gwin are running these prototype Renthal stems... You can also see the charger damper system on the right hand leg of Troy's blackbox Rockshox Boxxers!

Fort William world cup

GT and Atherton racing have broken silence on their new Fury for 2014! We are loving the all new black and yellow colour scheme.

Fort William world cup

We love the matching kit from the guys at One Industries aswell!

Fort William world cup

These new shorts are pretty damn awesome aswell! Designed from the ground up with some sweet new features. We'll find out more as soon as we can!

Fort William world cup

As we went to photograph Stevie Smith's Devinci Carbon Wilson the mechanic slipped over to hide the rear end... After some more snooping we spied a flash new rear mech! Interestingly you can see that on the rear wheel is running both a tube and tubeless!

We'll be back with more from the World Cup tommorow!


mallorcadave said on: 8 June 2013 08:12

that tube and tubless had me a bit confused until i saw the second valve! but im still not sure of the benifits if any

AngusMcIntosh replied on: 8 June 2013 23:53

He runs a tube normally then if it was to pinch the air would deflate from the inner tube and basically make the tyre tubeless I guess! Double protection!

mallorcadave replied on: 9 June 2013 08:56

But if the air escapes from the tube into the tyre why have two valves? unless you are going to stop and pump up the tubless valve i dont see any benefit as you could pump up the tube and the air would pass through the split into the tyre.

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