Sram/Avid/RockShox Introduce New 2013 Products

21 April 2012  |  

Sram have just released details of some new 2013 products at Sea Otter in the States. Check out the newly upgraded brakes, suspension and wheels. Looks like 2013 is shaping up to be an impressive year!

Sram/Avid/RockShox 2013

The new Monarch RT3 rear shock.

RockShox Monarch RT3

The 2013 Monarch RT3 builds upon the premise of the original Monarch RT3 in that three ride settings are better than two. The new RT3 has greatly refined the damper to provide independent tuning of each of the open, pedal and lock settings. This allows bike manufacturers to truly customize the Monarch RT3 to their bike in each type of riding condition with more than 5x the damp- ing range to play with. The open is more open, the lock has more lock and the snoss berries still taste like snoss berries. With a dramatically broader range to adjust the open setting can be much softer while making a much firmer lock setting. Meaning the shock won’t move on the road ride to the trail and it will eat all the little bumps once you are there. The middle pedal setting can also be changed to fit a bikes leverage ratio, getting you the perfect balance between pedaling efficacy and maintaining traction.

The new compression adjust lever rotates 120 degrees between adjustment. Having the settings be in distinctly different places makes it easier to find the setting you want while riding on your favorite single-track.

The rebound circuits also receives RockShox’s new Rapid Recovery system. Rapid Recovery allows the shock to return faster over successive hits. Allowing the shock to ride higher in the stroke, in a softer part of the spring curve. Your bike doesn’t pack down or slow down on successive hits allowing you to ride faster and save your legs for the pedaling.

Weight: 215 grams
Colour: Black or White
Availability: May 30th, 2012
Sram/Avid/RockShox 2013

2013 PushLoc remote lockout.

RockShox PushLoc:

PushLoc has been redesigned while maintaining superior remote ergonomics, integration and functionality. The new PushLoc cable actuated remote is available in a left or right mount and features an easy to operate “push-push” button that mimics the best-in-class RockShox XLoc hydraulic remote. The MatchMaker X clamp option ensures seamless integra- tion with SRAM shift levers and AVID brakes streamlining the cockpit. A minimal 10mm of cable pull activates the lockout requiring less thumb movement giving you more authority of the trail to focus on the ride itself.

Weight: 48 grams (w/o cable)
Colour: Black
Availability: May 15th, 2012
Sram/Avid/RockShox 2013

RockShox introduce a new Solo Air spring system.

RockShox Solo Air spring system:

RockShox has expanded the user-friendly Solo Air spring system into the SID, Reba and Revelation prod- uct lines. Designed to be in-line with RockShox rear shocks, Solo Air simplifies suspension setup with a single air valve that equally balances the positive and negative air chambers. Nothing shy of robust, the new solo air spring lays the foundation for a durable system of superior ride quality.


Solo Air will be standard on 2013 RockShox SID, Reba, and available as an option on Revelation, Boxxer, Lyrik, Argyle, Totem, Sektor, Recon and XC 32.

Sram/Avid/RockShox 2013

Sram step up the new 650 wheel size. Creating the new Rise wheelset capable for such size.

Sram Rise 40 650B MTB Wheels:

To create RISE, the SRAM product development team took a scientific approach to engineering a better wheel. They focused on six fundamental factors that affect the way you ride: weight, inertia, engagement, lateral stiffness, frontal stiffness and efficiency.

“A lot of wheel companies tend to focus on one design attribute with their wheels, such as low weight or lateral stiffness,” said SRAM Wheel Product Manager Bastien Donzé. “Our goal from the start was to design a wheel that offers all the best possible ride characteristics.”

There is no denying that bigger wheels provide an advantage in terms of speed, rolling resistance and traction. However, 29” wheels do not suit every rider or every style. 650b wheels may be the answer; the perfect balance for riders who are seeking some of the advantages of big wheels without losing the ride feel of 26”.

For the practiced XC rider with the next level in sight, RISE 40 650B offers the ideal balance of performance factors and price. From the lightweight aluminum rim to the uncommonly durable hub, each component of the system benefits the next to activate the full potential of every ride and every rider.

Every wheel connects you to the ground. Only RISE wheels can carry you to new heights.

Rim material: Aluminium s-6000, welded joint
ETRTO: 584x19c
Spoke count (front and rear): 24 - stainless steel - 2 cross
Hub shell material: Aluminium
Driver body material: Steel
Axel compatibility: Front, QR or 15x100. Rear, QR or 12x142
Sram/Avid/RockShox 2013

The new Elixir 5 lever with Taperbore Technology.

Avid Elixir 5 Brakes:

At Avid, we believe in Trickle-Down Brakenomics. The all-new Elixir 5 offers the premium ride quality found in higher-end Elixirs in a simpler and more affordable package. With features like our updated TaperBore Technology, powerful two-piece caliper design, MatchMaker X compatibility, and easy access tooled reach adjust, this brake doesn’t skimp out.

Sram/Avid/RockShox 2013

New Elixir 5 caliper.

Application: XC/Trail/AM
Weight: 380 grams (Front, Direct Mount, 160mm rotor)
Colour: White or Gloss Black
Fluid: DOT 4
Rotor Size: HS1 140/160/170/180/200mm
Caliper: Forged 2 piece Aluminium
System: 2 Piston
Pads: Organic, top loading
Additional Features: Tooled Reach Adjust, MatchMaker X Compatible
Availability: June 2012