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16 September 2021  |  

The 2021 Swiss Epic may have only just wrapped up but we are already looking ahead to the next edition in Graubünden in 2022. Here is a taste of what you can look forward to, in Graubünden, from 16 to 20 August next year.

In 2022, the Swiss Epic returns to the trails of Graubünden for the fourth edition of the Legend status Epic Series event. Over the course of five days, it will visit the towns of Arosa, Laax and Davos.  While the exact routes are yet to be revealed mountain bikers can expect spectacular alpine scenery, arduous ascents and thrilling singletrack descents.

Arosa will host the first stage of the Swiss Epic in 2022; returning riders will recall the Bear Sanctuary, the climb to Gredigs Fürggli, at 2 614 metres above sea level, and the world-famous Hörnli Trail. As one of Europe’s longest, purpose-built, mountain bike trails the Hörnli Trail is sure to feature in the 2022 Swiss Epic Route.

After a day of exploring the mountains and valleys around Arosa, the race will then head west towards Laax. En route it will surely skirt Graubünden’s capital, Chur, and treat the teams to the awe-inspiring Rhine Gorge. Dubbed Switzerland’s Grand Canyon, it is a sight to behold and one best viewed from a mountain bike.

Once in Laax the Swiss Epic will spend a day exploring the Flims Laax Falera region. Along with the incredible riding and rugged, natural, trails the region is internationally renowned for the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona. The range, which is an excellent example of mountain building through tectonic forces, features seven peaks which exceed 3 000 metres above sea level. Fortunately for riders with an aversion for heights none of the peaks have mountain bike trails to their summits.

From Laax, the race moves back east, to the now traditional finishing town of Davos. Boasting over 700-kilometres of mountain biking trails, largely thanks to Davos’ policy of trail tolerance, there is a virtually endless array of route options around the final host town. From the iconic, like the Alps Epic-Trail and the Panorama Route, to the unheralded and unnamed tracks which would be local favourites anywhere else in the world, opportunities abound in Davos. Teams will have to wait and see what Stefan Wolfisberg and his route team have in store for August 2022.

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