Lopes wins two out of the three...and lands 2nd Overall

4 February 2006  |  

Lopes wins two out of the three...and lands 2nd Overall

At the inaugural Ray's 3Ride event held at Ray's indoor Mountain Bike Parks in Cleveland, Ohio. Lopes competed among the best Dirt Jumpers and Racers in the 3 set events, finishing 1st in both the Speed Trail and the Pump Track contests.

The 3rd event, the Jump Competition, was won by Jaime Goldman. Lopes took a 2nd place in the overall, the 1st place was won by Greg Watts

This is what the Lopes had to say…

"Ray's Indoor was a great event and I had a good time. I was very impressed with the amount of work that went into the place. More lines than I expected, more challenging then I expected, and a better time then I could have imagined for an indoor park in Ohio. It was great to get all different types of riders in one place, all competing against each other in disciplines they may not normally compete in. For me, I think it was one of my first official goes at a jump competition. Although I didn't expect to have a chance against some of the best trick jumpers in the mountain bike world, I did have fun and even pulled off a back flip and 360 which earned me some congrats on tricks no one ever expected out of me. Jamie Goldman ended up winning the jump comp. with some super smooth, flawless runs.

The other two events were more my style. A pump track race and a speed trials race, which was more like an obstacle course race. The obstacle course was tougher than most thought it would be. The first 30 seconds or so was flat out, hitting wood jumps and berms, then it went into the technical sections. Mostly North Shore planks with skinnies, teeters, berms, suspended bridges, rock gardens, etc. that not only tested skill, but concentration and endurance. I ended up winning this event in a time of 1:27, some 7 seconds ahead of second. The ending of the race was hard, as you came up on the last two straights that had some very narrow wood beams that if you fell off, a time penalty was added to your time.

The pump track was probably the closest thing to a 4x race. We did two laps which ended up being just over 20 seconds in length. In the final I went up against Rich Houseman, beating him on both sides to take the win. It was physically demanding race and they ran them fast, making recovery hard.

In the end I finished second overall with Greg Watts taking the overall win with an impressive 2-3-2 finish for the three events. Oh, and not only was it fun and different, but they paid pretty damn good and I have bricks of $1 bills to prove it..." Brian Lopes, current 4X World Champion