Help save one of the most valuable Mountain Bike assets in the South Wales

29 September 2019  |  

Word in from Welsh Gravity Series: “Heads up, we are just about to lose one of the most valuable Mountain Bike assets in the Afan Valley, South Wales.”

"The Masts", also know as Foel "Foel Fynyddau" is to be felled before Christmas if we don’t ACT NOW (road widening works have already started.) The trails on this hill are over 20 years old and have been meticulously maintained by the locals for that time. The impact on local businesses in the Afan Forest Park and the tourism in the area will be hit so hard that some will undoubtedly have to close.

This hill is also used by so many people, not just mtbers, walkers, runners and horse riders will all be affected.

Natural Resources Wales are so out of touch with their own policies, procedures and responsibilities to the people of Wales that they have taken no account of the huge effect this operation will have on them for years to come.
The timber from this site will go to a Bio Mass plant and probably fuel it for a week or so but the cost to local businesses, tourism and riders will last for decades to come if you don’t do something to help save the trails NOW!

Please please please complain direct to NRW, if your from South Wales you know how important these trails are, if you visit Afan from other parts of the UK your part of that tourism impact so please help us:

Ring on 0300 065 3000 and make a complaint over the phone or fill in the complaints form:

Then email it to [email protected]

There is also an e-petition here:


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