Danny MacAskill - The story behind the Log Slide from Wee Day Out

17 June 2020  |  

During lockdown, Danny MacAskill has not only amazed us with lots of different ways of using palettes in his front yard and stepping up his e-bike trials game on the new Santa Cruz Heckler, but the Scottish trials and mountain bike rider also took time to go through his archive, selecting his favorite, and hardest, tricks from the last ten years.

The first episode in this series features the famous Log Slide from his movie Wee Day Out.

“I’ve always wanted to do a log-slide on a mountain bike. I really like the idea of two wheels kind of sliding on stuff, slightly unnatural – just something I never seen anybody else do,“ says Danny as he explains the idea behind the trick and goes on about his motivation and commitment: “Of course you are going to fail a lot. You will have lots of crashes and lots of frustration I suppose, but my main driver is knowing that I am trying to do something new, something that is my own idea and something that is really gonna make the whole film that we are working on come alive.“

But why did he send his mate Nash around the countryside for 3 months before filming? What was the hardest part of the whole trick? How many tubes of Vaseline did he use and what new problems did that bring up?

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