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Nibbler DH Mountain bike Trails all start at the top of the pentland hills, in south Scotland Read more

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Nibbler DH Trails has there are 4 main lines which all start at the top of the pentland hills. they all go down the same side with optional jumps and drops and links to different lines (like your standard downhill park) it can be done on hardtails but most people use dh bikes.

The tracks arent that difficult they are made up of small berms and step downs and stuff. but it is a really great ride. and when you have finished there are plenty of one hit wonders around bonaly which are a good laugh. The push up from the car park takes about 30 mins average and around 3mins to get down although we just session parts and hav a final ride at the end.

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Fun factor
Fun factor 7.5000 out of 10
Trail variety
Trail variety 7.5000 out of 10
Trail quality
Trail quality 7.5000 out of 10
Facilities 7.5000 out of 10
Location 7.5000 out of 10

"Its a bit rough."
Review by: Drummer4Life on 21 February 2010

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