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Bunyaville Trails is on Brisbane's north-side which consists of flowy single track suitable for mainly cross country, all mountain riders. Read more

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Bunyaville Trails is on Brisbane's north-side which consists of flowy single track suitable for mainly cross country, all mountain riders.

Visitors to Bunyaville Conservation Park can access a network of formalised tracks. Some trails are designated as single-use trails for mountain bike riders; other multiple-use trails are also open to horse riders. Each trail entry has a sign indicating the activities permitted on it.

Trails can be entered from the Jinker track. A sign there provides a detailed trail map and information. Please read this information carefully to protect the environment, yourself and other track users.

The undulating landscape of Bunyaville is perfect for cross-country mountain bike riding, with changing gradients, soil types and vegetation to make your ride interesting.

There are eight designated mountain bike trails available, plus a number of management roads which link the trails together. A high level of fitness and sound navigational skills are required to ride on these trails and natural obstacles make for a challenging ride. For novice riders, similar enjoyment can be gained from riding the many management roads within the park.

Please remember that conditions in natural environments are always changing. Branches may have fallen across tracks or track surfaces may have changed since you last were in the area.

A volunteer trail care group assists with maintaining mountain bike trails in the park. Working bees are generally held on Saturday mornings from 7am - 12pm. New volunteers are welcome to come along and help.
Nearest Town: Brisbane

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"My old local"
Review by: madchris on 10 August 2011

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Bunyaville Conservation Park is 15km north-west of central Brisbane between the suburbs of Albany Creek and Everton Hills. Access is via Old Northern Road. However a far better option is to continue down Old northern road and turn into Jinker Track. This road runs along a ridge where most of the trails start. Keep heading along this road until you see a car park with a bin and shelter. Pull in there to begin your ride.

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