Average Joe reviews the Dirt School DVD

1 February 2009  |  

MTB technique DVDs have previously been a bit 'hit and miss'; mostly 'miss' to be honest. Often the sections don't offer tuition in a manner that the average rider can get and even if they do, often sections are too short to implant any kind of permanent understanding. Dirt School DVD Reviewed DirtSchool have taken a refreshing alternative tack to this genre with a filming style based directly on the way they run their increasingly popular skills sessions around the country. Having been in Wales recently listening to people talking about these sessions at the end of their day's tuition, clearly DirtSchool are onto a winning formula and achieve results regardless of the starting level of any rider. The DVD is well shot with some subtle music but it is really the manner in which the tuition is delivered that makes it more useful to the viewer. Sections cover most of the skills you need for all of the technical features you will find on the trail and is clearly aimed at the trail centre rider. This doesnt however mean that other riders wont get something from this with some good sections on line choice and cornering, going back to basics once in a while never hurts. Dirt School DVD Reviewed Using actual riders from real sessions adds a good feel to things and helps to demonstrate better where and how common mistakes are made and help the viewer understand the techniques. This makes a refreshing change from MTB stars simply telling you how to do something. If there are any constructive comments to offer, it would be simply that more of the same would be appreciated. Sections on line choices and cornering could easily be greatly extended and provide increased benefit and if drops and jumps were covered in greater detail, many may get a lot more from building their confidence on these obstacles. Certainly many people find jumping correctly a real dark art and I think lots of us would appreciate further help. It may be in the pipeline but a DH version of this would be DVD would be a welcome addition. All in all by far the best skills DVD on offer. Price is £17.99 and it's available form the Dirt School Website: www.dirtschool.co.uk

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