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Posted: 5th Feb 2015 | Seller: TomOnABike

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Location: Dover
Frame Size: 17.5"
Wheel Size: 29"
This bike is in very good condition, was bought from the dealer, of which a family member works at - for this reason the bike has been kept in good condition. Serviced when needed, and fixed when needed to be fixed.

The bike is a 29er and rides very fast! I owned a full-sus Carbon Top Fuel before this, and after a year of use, I have never missed the extra bounce! The bigger wheels really do roll over all the bumps and ride alot smoother than a 26" wheel in comparison.

One thing worth mentioning is that although a 17.5" frame may seem small, on a 29er this is not the case. The 26" Top Fuel I had before this was a 19.5" frame, but when I bought the 29er I was sized up to fit a 17.5"!

The bike has been set up Tubeless with Bontrager XR2 tires and I've never punctured since they were set up like this perhaps 60 miles ago.

May consider a delivery if required. Feel free to contact me for more info

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