A newly redesigned Brianlopes.com went live...today

7 February 2006  |  

A newly redesigned Brianlopes.com went live...today A newly redesigned Brianlopes.com went live...today - Second Image
After 3 months of construction by web master Fraser Britton, the newly revamped brianlopes.com hit the world wide web live today. The redesigned website features a new Troy Lee Designs LOPES' logo and holds some new features; like the "Newsletter sign-up" option, which will allow people receive current events like "race reports" and "press releases" and a new e-commerce section has been build under the "shop" page...where Lopes merchandise is available for purchase…this section is just at the infant stages as it will continue to evolve in the future. This is what Lopes had to say… "After some time now I finally got a new trick web site that hopefully everyone will be happy with that provides all my visitors with more pictures, news, updates, and products to buy than ever before. I'm happy with the new look and have to say thanks to my wife Paula and Fraser for working together to come up with something good looking and user friendly. I also have to say thanks to Stikman for originally making the first Brian Lopes site, which he basically designed and learned on his free time." Brian Lopes, current 4X World Champion If anyone has any suggestions or comments we would like to know your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and keep coming back as there should always be something new to bring you up to speed on what is going on with myself and in the industry. www.brianlopes.com