A new 700m section of the red-graded trail opens at Haldon Forest

16 December 2023  |  

Haldon Forest Park is pleased to announce the opening of a new 700m section of the red-graded "Ridge Trail," built by the experienced land design firm Clixbys Land Design.

Haldon Forest Mountain Bike Trails

© Haldon Forest Park

This new section has been funded by car park revenue and aims to improve the experience of cyclists on the trail while also enhancing visitor safety by reducing the number of cyclists needing to use the shared-use green-graded "Discovery Trail," historically an area of high-user conflict. Shortly there will be an additional banked section providing a shortcut to the Clapham Road crossing.

Trail development is a lengthy and involved process, especially in an area like Haldon where restrictions must be followed to protect the Site of Special Scientific Interest designation and vulnerable habitats. Opening new trails requires effort across Recreation, Ecology, Forestry, Management, and Contractors.

Haldon Forest Mountain Bike Trails

© Haldon Forest Park

We are passionate about providing the best experience possible for all park users, whether on foot, bicycle, horse, or accessible vehicles. Budgets necessitate prioritizing spending according to usage levels, risks, and rewards. For context, this section of the trail costs approximately £60,000 to develop.

Thank you for supporting improvements like this through Membership fees, car park payments, and spending with our on-site partners. Thanks also to our Thursday trail volunteers who assisted the Recreation team and contributed to making this section ready for use.

We hope you enjoy this new section - Haldon Forest Park

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