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chop said on 11 October 2012 23:31

Here it is Ladies and Gents The first Episode From 2wheeldirtjunkie, The new up and coming, Finding, Riding & Reviewing UK mountain bike FB/website for riders wanting to find more places to ride in the UK, please!! comment as its only going to happen if your guys like the footage.

Take a look at the fast growing FB page 2wheeldirtjunkie
2wheeldirtjunkie Promo Episode

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heatherama said on 1 July 2010 08:37

Now I finally know the name of the mystery rider! I’ve got that picture on the wall in my lounge!! Hehe!

I’m keen to take pictures of anyone who will let me, so if you fancy getting some shots taken whilst you’re at Mega, just let me know!!

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AJM2009 said on 19 January 2010 09:51

Referring to the Specialized P1 2010:
"Lovely bikes like, was gonna get one but the lack of the Bolt-Thru fork lets it down!"

What do you mean? As I was interested in one...

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