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I ride mainly Downhill and freeride. I also have a DJ bike and BMX.
I rode DJ for years and got sick of breaking parts on it and eventually made the switch to BMX. Moving to Australia had a big influence on that too. When i got back to the UK I decided it was to wet most of the time to ride BMX and as a result got myself a DH bike and then a DJ bike too. 3 bikes is still not enough.
I like to try and get to as many riding spots as I can. Riding a new line for the first time just has that special feeling about it, and not knowing what lies round the next bend is even better.
I am a pretty friendly guy so if you add me please do it as you want to talk and not so you have an extra friend on your list. I've never seen biking as a popularity contest after all. Its about being with like minded people with similar interests.

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