Press Release: BBB Varallo Cycle Helmet

13 October 2011  |  

If you think about it, there's really only one thing that your BBB helmet should do really well. Ventilation, fit, comfort and even looks, all that stuff comes after we take care of building the most protective helmets we can create. That's why we use our internal SpiderWeb structure with aluminum and carbon reinforcements. The new FlexClose system available on Falcon, Fenix, Everest and Moco helmets allows for an even more snug and easy to adjust fit. You wouldn't want to wear an uncomfortable helmet, would you? This year we'll also be introducing a helmet style specifically for trail riders, the BBB Varallo. This design offers more protection surface at the back of the head while still being close in weight and ventilation to our XC helmets.

Why do we go through all this trouble? Because we know that if one of our the pros or you hit the ground at maximum speed, you will not be commenting on how nice your helmet looks. Varallo The initial idea for the Varallo helmet came from several directions. The trail riding mountain bikers at BBB demanded that we build them a helmet with more coverage. Some of the more fanatic trail riders in BBB offices around the globe confirmed our ideas, but mentioned that we shouldn't compromise ventilation and weight and better keep those in line with our XC helmets. And then some of the riders started mentioning that it shouldn't break their bank account. A pretty challenging starting point for the design department to begin.

We started out with an in-mold shell construction extended over the back of your head for added protection. Pieced in 18 air vents with dedicated exit vents for a maximal flow of air through the helmet. Our tried and tested TwistClose system allows for a quick and easy fit. Mesh on the forward-facing vents keeps unwanted insects out and washable anti-bacterial pads keep your head fresh. All in all a package that is affordable enough to keep you on the trails and away from a desk.

Graphics are inspired by maps of some of the most famous trails in the world. BHE-67, Varallo Sizes: M (52-58 cm) and L (57-63 cm). Colors: matt black, matt white and matt black/green.

RRP, £54,95 Available Dec 2011

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