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hey my name is dale evans im 15 on feb the 12 2009. i have a saracen x-ile and a gt chucker.i have just recently swaped frames back to my old bike (gt chucker).i live with my mum and dad, bro and sis. in leominster(herefordshire)

there isnt really any trials or track to go to in a 25 mile radius but, i go to my local motocross track witch isnt being used at the mo and also making jumps and trials in the woods. need some where to go, if you have any info about local track near me pleaselet me no!.

This user hasn't added any local trails yet.

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jona2008 said on 20 January 2009 21:55

alright matey, got the bike for £500 in a sale usually £650. So not a bad deal really.(previous years model)

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gavo2k7ere said on 6 January 2009 13:44

dude i ll help you out man do you have msn cozi h ardly use this thing? wb gav

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daleevans8 said on 6 January 2009 10:54

hey can some 1 help me on my query? ive got a saracen x-ile as seen above but i also have a gt chucker in like a creamy white with green and im not sure weather i should transfere all my parts of my saracen to my gt chucker? can some 1 please give me some advice

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