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RiverRatJimmy's profile image

RiverRatJimmy said on 27 February 2014 11:20

How about the Calf in the Howgills near Sedburgh, a tough climb with an awesome descent. Its about 1:45 from Manchester, or if you want something closer and more in the Dales there are a few rides near Settle and Malham, take about an hour from Manchester?

RiverRatJimmy's profile image

RiverRatJimmy said on 20 February 2014 09:52

Great stuff, its a bit boggy in the Dales at the minute, so will be better in a few weeks as well.
How long, or far of a route are you after? What would be your ideal ride? And ill try to come up with something to suit.

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wythall1 said on 10 September 2013 05:31

Hi there,

Yes, that jacket turned out to be a batgain. I still use it and it is totally waterproof still ( much to my surprise) Size wise, they come up a little small/short , so unless they have changed their sizing this year, then I would go a size larger than you normally would.

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