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I got back into riding in March 2009,got myself a specialized pitch which I pimped and now own a iron horse sunday which blows my mind ! love trail riding and currently getting into freeriding/dh.left it a bit late at 37 but loving it anyway !

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robcorney's profile image

robcorney said on 28 August 2011 15:36

Hi mate, don't know if you're still using this or even riding at Swinley, but if you're about do you fancy meeting up for a ride one evening/weekend?

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jona2008 said on 21 June 2010 12:30

Hi mate, are you up for a ride on Sunday ?

jona2008's profile image

jona2008 said on 18 June 2010 23:01

sounds good to me matey, hows it going

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