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Twrch Trail - Cwmcarn Members Trail Reviews
Forbez's profile image

Review by: Forbez on 21 May 2011

Really enjoyed it, Awesome scenery! Going Back!!

I rode the Black trail for the first time on thursday. I turned up with a rigid bike.
I found the trail upwards hard, and had to stop to rest a few times. (but i havent ridden a bike for a long time, and i'm abit overweight and unfit)

We rode the black trail, and really enjoyed it, despite the fact that i had the rigid bike.

I cant wait to go back this week again, but this time with the full susp.

Not looking forward to the ride back up, but its worth the ride down!!

Hopefully over a few weeks i'll increase my fitness, and hpefully the ride up wont be so bad!

Only had one off, which was a soft one! Apart from the christmas tree!!

Members Rating: 8

edwynoe's profile image

Review by: edwynoe on 20 April 2011

Some of the best singletrack in the UK!

The loop starts with a long, demanding, technical assent with rewarding views from the top of the trail. Before the descent begins... It starts with some black freeride jumps and berms, which moisten the taste buds. Then the trail turns red again and it's downhill all the way the end, with some absolutely amazing singletrack, that is just as good (or even better) than some of the bigger trail centres like the 7stanes or Dalby. Then you can relax with a drink and a slice of cake while deciding whether to attempt the servers downhill run, which looms over the car park and visitors centre

Members Rating: 10

JimmyR26's profile image

Review by: JimmyR26 on 16 July 2010


Hard uphill to start with gets easyer, great fun when at the top fast single track and good free ride section which you can repeat as many times as you like great trail!

Members Rating: 9

Percypeanuts's profile image

Review by: Percypeanuts on 25 April 2010


The climb up is hard and technical in places but a great climb to ride and well worth the pain. When you hit the top enjoy the view, get your breath back and then get ready for some unreal singletrack. The best trail ive ridden in ages.

Members Rating: 10

Maddawg_Bullets's profile image

Review by: Maddawg_Bullets on 29 October 2009


Was really really good, especially the downhill part, cant wait to go back

Members Rating: 9

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