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Sell your mountain bikes and parts here!
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Postby superwol
Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:39 pm

MoreDirt Buy/Sell is a free service. All buying and selling is done at your own risk. MoreDirt will NOT be held responsible for any issues relating to money or goods not received.

Posting your advert:

1. Your advert must show what you want or are selling clearly in the tittle.

2. You must include one of the following in the title:

FS or for sale If you are selling


WTD or wanted. If it’s a wanted post


Include as much detail as you can in your advert. Include photos or links to photos. If you are selling a bike people will want to know the spec, frame size, condition, any upgrades etc. Putting this information in the original advert will show you are a serious seller and will save you having to reply to interested buyer's questions.

If you’re selling wheels, people want to know what rims/ hubs/ axle etc…

Forks, state what year they are, amount of travel, axel type, Steerer tube length etc...

If you're having a clearout, and selling lots of items, please don’t create a post for each individual item. You only need one post with a tittle like :-

‘’ FS Bars/ brakes/ wheels etc’’ (or words to that effect)

Only post 1 advert for you items(s).


Having 3 posts on the front page selling the same thing isn’t going to sell your stuff any quicker. This is classed as spamming.

Do not use text speak or caps lock in your posts.

Please do not use bump to get a topic back to the top of the active forum threads. This is unfair to other users trying to use the forum. again, this is classed as spamming. If you do use bump the post will most likely be deleted.

Air guns / guns etc...
We have no control to who buys these and you must be over the age of 18 to purchase one unless you are with a parent/guardian. Its impossible for us to police so deleting the post is all we can do to guarantee this law is upheld on MoreDirt.

Any post that we feel has not met the above will be deleted.
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